Why Is My Swimming Pool Losing Water?

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What to Do if Your Swimming Pool Is Losing Water

Is your swimming pool losing water? If you find yourself filling up the pool regularly, it may be an indication of a leak or other issue. In this article, we’re going to discuss reasons why a pool might be losing water, how to do pool leak detection, and how to fix the issue altogether.

Normal Reasons a Pool Would Lose Water

As a general rule, most pools will lose about ¼ inch of water a day or about two inches in a week. In warmer and more humid climates, such as throughout Florida, this number could climb a little higher, although that water may be replenished with rainwater.

Factors that can contribute to water loss include:

  • Humidity
  • Local climate
  • Daily temperature range
  • Wind conditions
  • Use of a pool heater
  • Pool activity and splashing

If your pool is losing more than two inches of water a week consistently, this may be an indication that there is a problem.

There may be a few reasons as to why your pool is losing water, including leaks, location, frequent filter backwashing, or the lack of a pool cover.

Why You Should Repair Pool Leaks Fast

In the case of a pool leak, it is much more effective to have the issue repaired quickly than to deal with the long-term effects, which can include paying for the operational, heating, and water costs, not to mention repairing the structure or other affected components due to the leak.

Swimming pools consist of many parts and components, which can shift and move over time, leading to a leak. This often includes plumbing fittings, light fixtures, shells, liners, and other accessories. Even when the deterioration of a seal happens, it can lead to a leak. These instances are often hard to prevent, meaning that your best bet is to have them repaired quickly and efficiently.

How to Find Out if Your Pool Is Leaking

Detecting and repairing a leak should be left to a professional who can expertly diagnose the issue.

If you suspect that your pool is losing water, we have a test that you can perform yourself without touching a single component of the pool. Simply find a plastic container and fill it with some water. Place the container on one of the steps leading into your pool, where half of the container is above the water line. Fill the rest of the container with water until it is in line with your pool water. Turn off the recirculating pump and any auto-refill devices that may be connected to your pool. Leave uncovered for a day or two, then check to see if the levels match or if your pool water has significantly decreased in comparison to the container.

Get Swimming Pool Service from Amenity Pool Services

If your swimming pool is in need of leak detection or pool leak repair, get in touch with our team of experts at Amenity Pool Services today. Our team of professionals can visit your pool to inspect and diagnose the issue. For more information about our pool cleaning service or other available swimming pool services, give us a call.