Pool Pump Installations

Pool Pump Installations That Improve Pool Water Circulation

Pool pumps play a pivotal role in ensuring the vitality and cleanliness of your pool. As the heartbeat of a healthy pool, pool pumps work to circulate water, prevent stagnation, and distribute chemicals evenly. By reducing algae growth, and removing debris, dirt, and contaminants, pool pumps keep your pool water crystal clear and inviting.

Plus, an efficient pump will also help extend the lifespan of your other pool equipment by reducing the exertion of parts such as pool heaters, cleaners and filters, chlorinators, and more. Whether you need a new pool pump installation for your home’s backyard swimming pool or a commercial pool or pool facility, we have you covered.


  • Extends the lifespan of pool equipment
  • Improves the circulation of water
  • Keeps chemicals distributed evenly
  • Prevents algae, debris, and contaminants
  • Saves time on maintenance
  • Creates an enjoyable pool experience

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Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pool Pump

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to upgrade your pool pump, there are a few telltale signs that will tell you if your pump is ready for retirement. If you’ve noticed sluggish water circulation or stubborn stagnant spots in your pool, it could be a sign that your pump is losing efficiency. Strange noises coming from the pump, like offbeat squeaks and grinds, are another red flag indicating internal wear and tear.

Additionally, a decrease in water flow through your return jets, or erratic pressure gauge readings might suggest your pump is struggling to keep up. And if your pump is pushing a decade or more, it’s time to consider a more efficient, modern replacement. Consult with our pool experts today to explore the perfect pool pump installation tailored to your pool’s needs. 

Pool Pumps We Carry

SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pump

SuperFlo VS pumps are extremely energy efficient and can cut your energy costs by up to 80%, compared to traditional pool pumps. This pump comes with upgraded features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs! Easy to program and operate, enjoy all the perks of this energy-efficient pump and big savings on your utility bill.

WhisperFlo® High-Performance Pump

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At Amenity Pool Services, we install and service the best brands of pool pumps available. The safety of your pool water depends on the quality and efficiency of your pump. We make sure your new pump is sized, fitted, and installed with accuracy and attention to detail, and that you are informed about its care and function. If your pool needs a new pump, get started today by contacting us for a consultation