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Casa Grande, AZ Pool Maintenance, Repair & Remodeling

With over 50 years in pool and spa service, Amenity Pool Services brings you premium pool cleaning, maintenance, pool repair, and pool remodeling services in Casa Grande, AZ, all without stretching your budget. We’re dedicated to meeting the pool and spa needs of Casa Grande, AZ, offering our services to both residential customers and commercial customers. So, dive in and enjoy the peace of mind – we’ve got Casa Grande’s pools and spas covered!

Top-Rated Weekly Pool Cleaning Company Near You in Casa Grande, AZ

Finding the best pool cleaning company in Casa Grande, AZ shouldn’t be a challenge! At Amenity Pool Services, we’re your go-to solution for weekly pool cleaning in Casa Grande, whether you’re a homeowner with a residential pool or overseeing a commercial pool. If you’re searching for a nearby weekly pool cleaning service in Casa Grande, AZ, your search ends here! Our weekly pool cleaning service is loved by both our commercial and residential customers alike.

Residential Pool Cleaning Service

  • Test and balance pool chemicals
  • Empty all baskets
  • Skim surface debris
  • Brush perimeter tile
  • Clean filter as needed
  • Brush walls, floors, and trouble spots as needed
  • Vacuum pool as needed
  • Visually inspect equipment
  • 10% OFF labor and 5% OFF parts
  • Pay your bill online with access to our customer portal

Commercial Pool Cleaning Service

  • Empty all baskets
  • Clean perimeter tile and gutters
  • Pool skimmer for surface debris
  • Pool vacuum as needed
  • Brush walls, floors, and trouble spots as needed
  • Clean filters monthly
  • Test and balance chlorine and pH
  • Visually inspect equipment for proper operation
  • Fill chemical containers
  • Maintaining required Department of Health documentation

Pool Stain Removal for Your Casa Grande, AZ Pool

Getting rid of pool stains in your Casa Grande, AZ pool doesn’t need to be a complex task. When it comes to pool stain removal, whether for a residential backyard pool or a commercial pool, Amenity Pool Services’ professionals are top-notch at efficiently and cleanly removing stains without the need for draining. Our Casa Grande, AZ  pool stain removal service not only enhances the appearance of your pool but also contributes to improved equipment operation and water quality, leading to increased cost savings! If you need pool stain removal near you in Casa Grande, AZ  for your swimming pool, contact us today.

Swimming Pool Repair Near You in Casa Grande, AZ

When problems happen with your swimming pool equipment, count on Amenity Pool Services to provide expert assistance. We specialize in addressing all pool equipment problems, regardless of their size. If you need pool repair in Casa Grande, AZ, we have you covered! Our team of experts, conveniently situated in the Casa Grande, AZ area, is trained and experienced in inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing all Casa Grande, AZ  pool systems. All you have to do is swim! For pool repairs in Casa Grande, AZ, just reach out to us.

Casa Grande, AZ Pool Remodeling and Renovation

For all your pool renovation and remodeling needs in Casa Grande, AZ, trust Amenity Pool Services. Our licensed and insured professionals handle it all, from new pool deck installations to pool resurfacing. We specialize in designing, sizing, and installing custom-designed pool features like fountains and waterfalls. Count on us as your local professionals for pool remodeling in Casa Grande, AZ!

Casa Grande, AZ Pool Equipment Installation

We take pride in installing top-notch brands of quality pool equipment in Casa Grande, AZ. Our expertise extends to a variety of installations, including pool heater installations, pool filter and cleaner installations, pool automation control system installations, saltwater pool system installations, and pool pump installations. Ensure year-round comfort for your Casa Grande, AZ  pool with a professional pool heater installation or take command of every aspect with a cutting-edge pool automation system. Trust us for seamless installations that elevate the performance and efficiency of your pool.

Pool Heater Installations in Casa Grande, AZ

Count on Amenity Pool Services for top-tier pool heater installations in Casa Grande, AZ, designed to elevate your swimming experience and extend your swim season. Whether you’re aiming to make your residential backyard pool more comfortable for your family or enhance a commercial pool at a gym, hotel, or other facility, we specialize in installing the best brands on the market. Transform your Casa Grande, AZ pool into a more enjoyable and year-round retreat by starting a Casa Grande, AZ pool heater installation with our expert team today.

Casa Grande, AZ Saltwater Pool System Installations

Escape the harsh effects of chlorine-based pools in Casa Grande, AZ by embracing the refreshing alternative—saltwater pools. Amenity Pool Services is your go-to for affordable and lasting Casa Grande, AZ saltwater pool installations. If you’re looking for a saltwater pool in Casa Grande, AZ, reach out to Amenity Pool Services for a free quote! Our friendly technicians will seamlessly install your new saltwater pool system and provide guidance on its maintenance.

Get a New Pool Pump Installed in Casa Grande, AZ

In Casa Grande, AZ, Amenity Pool Services is your go-to for efficient pool pump installations. Whether it’s a Casa Grande, AZ  residential or public pool, our high-grade pumps not only ensure your pool’s health but also optimize other equipment like pool heaters, filters, and cleaners. We offer a variety of excellent pumps and will help you choose the perfect one for your pool. Elevate your pool experience with a new pool pump installation today. Simply contact us to get started.

Book Pool Service from Amenity Pool Services in Casa Grande, AZ

For more than 50 years, Amenity Pool Services has been dedicated to serving both residential and commercial customers in Casa Grande, AZ  with expert pool and spa services. Whether it’s pool cleaning, backyard deck renovation, or pool equipment repair, take the first step today by checking if you’re in one of our numerous service areas. Trust us to bring decades of expertise to your pool, ensuring it receives the care and attention it deserves.

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