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Quality Residential Swimming Pool Services

For over 50 years, Amenity Pool Services has provided expert residential pool service to families across the nation. As certified professionals, our skilled pool technicians have the experience and expertise to keep your pool in perfect condition — so you can enjoy it any time.

Whether you need weekly pool cleaning and maintenance, pool equipment repair or equipment installation, renovation and remodeling, or anything else in between, our residential pool service experts are here to keep your swimming pool operating in its best condition. Relax and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor swimming pool while we handle the hard work.

The Nation’s Top-Rated Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

When it comes to taking care of your pool, weekly pool cleaning is crucial to the health and longevity of your pool. From maintaining proper and precise chemical balance in the pool water to bacteria control and pool equipment maintenance, weekly pool cleaning ensures your pool is always clean, safe, and ready for fun!

Our Cleaning Process

Our trained pool technicians will always take the time and care to carefully monitor and adjust pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical parameters. Algae can make pool water unappealing and unsanitary, so we’ll always thoroughly brush and clean pool walls to prevent buildup. Bacteria can thrive in pools if they are not properly cleaned, so we also thoroughly skim the surface and vacuum as needed to collect all loose debris, insects, and everything else that can create a breeding ground for bacteria. We also properly clean and maintain your pool filters to make sure all contaminants are removed.

Finally, we’ll closely inspect all of your equipment — malfunctioning equipment can lead to poor water circulation, inadequate filtration, and other issues that impact water quality. We’ll identify and address these equipment issues promptly to ensure the efficient operation of your pool. Making sure you have an exceptional experience every time you use your pool is our priority!

Weekly Residential Pool Cleaning Checklist
  • Test and balance pool chemicals
  • Empty all baskets
  • Skim surface debris
  • Brush perimeter tile
  • Clean filter as needed
  • Brush walls, floors, and trouble spots as needed
  • Vacuum pool as needed
  • Visually inspect equipment
  • 10% OFF labor and 5% OFF parts
  • Pay your bill online with access to our customer portal

Leave Your Pool Care to the Experts

When it comes to taking care of your backyard swimming pool, you can trust the professionals at Amenity Pool Services. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to take care of all of your pool’s cleaning and maintenance needs. To schedule your next pool service, simply get in touch with us!


  • Best cleaning service
  • Crystal-clear water guarantee
  • Equipment experts
  • Quick-fix guarantee
  • No long-term commitment

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The pros at Amenity Pool Services are dedicated to making sure your pool is the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. We would love to offer residential cleaning and maintenance services for your swimming pool! To get started with residential pool service, simply contact us!