Saltwater Pool System Installations

Professional Saltwater Pool Installations

In recent years, saltwater pool systems have become a popular alternative to chlorine-based pools — and for good reason! These generators create chlorine on demand, making only as much chlorine as your pool needs and offering a low-maintenance alternative to traditional pool systems. Swimmers and poolgoers love the soft, silky feeling of saltwater systems, compared to the more abrasive feeling of chlorine-based pools. These pools, without a harsh chemical odor, create an enjoyable poolside experience for everyone. Amenity Pool Services is proud to provide expert saltwater pool installations.

What Are the Benefits of Saltwater Pools?

A saltwater pool system offers plenty of benefits, making it an increasingly popular choice among residential pool owners and commercial pool managers and owners. One of the main advantages is the gentler and more natural feel of the water which is softer on the skin and less irritating to the eyes.

The self-regulating nature of salt chlorination provides consistent and steady chlorine levels. It reduces the need for frequent manual additions of chlorine, and because the salt chlorinator automates the chlorination process, saltwater pools require less maintenance. This saves time and minimizes the handling of pool chemicals. For pool enthusiasts, a saltwater pool system can offer a more comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.


  • Soft and soothing water
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Less harmful to hair
  • Reduces eye irritation
  • Improves water quality
  • Requires less draining

How a Saltwater Pool Is Installed

When installing saltwater pools, Amenity Pool Services begins with a thorough assessment of your pool, its specific requirements, and your needs. We’ll help you select a saltwater chlorination system tailored to the size and features of your pool. Once you decide on your new saltwater pool system, our skilled technicians will handle the installation process with precision and expertise. 

The Installation Process

The installation will involve placing the salt cell in the pool’s plumbing system, connecting the chlorinator to the pool’s existing infrastructure, and configuring the control panel for peak performance. We’ll assist in adjusting salt levels and provide detailed instructions on how to achieve the perfect concentration for effective chlorination. Throughout the installation, we’ll keep lines of communication open and comfortable, so you’re informed and confident about the transition to a saltwater pool. We strive to go above and beyond just the installation process! We’ll provide comprehensive guidance on routine maintenance. We also offer ongoing support to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of your new saltwater pool system. 

When you work with Amenity Pool Services, your saltwater pool installation is not just a service — we believe it’s a commitment to delivering a superior and hassle-free aquatic experience for you and your guests.

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