Hurricane Preparedness Action Plan

Your Comprehensive Pool Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

With hurricane season approaching, ensure your swimming pool and deck areas are properly prepared to minimize damage and ensure a swift recovery.As your local pool company, we have put together information to help prepare your pool for a storm.

1 Week Prior to Possible Storm:

Swimming Pool and Deck Areas:
  1. Secure Loose Items: Remove or secure all loose items on the pool deck, including safety equipment, to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles.
  2. Trim Surrounding Vegetation: Trim trees and shrubs around the pool area to reduce the risk of falling branches and debris.
  3. Inspect Pool Fencing: Check your pool fencing for any damages or weaknesses and repair as needed.
  4. Increase Chlorine Levels: Boost chlorine levels in your pool to maintain sanitation.
Additional Preparations:
  1. Inspect and Secure Pool Covers: Ensure pool covers are in good condition and securely fastened to prevent them from becoming flying objects. For commercial properties, coordinate with property management to reinforce covers if necessary.
  2. Backup Power Preparation:
    • Verify backup power sources for essential pool equipment, including pumps and filtration systems.
    • Test backup generators or alternative power supplies to ensure operational.
    • Arrange refueling or maintenance of backup power sources, consider potential supply chain disruptions during severe weather.

2-3 Days Prior to Imminent Storm:

  1. Shock the Pool: Add extra shock treatment to the pool and circulate the water.
  2. Pool Water Levels:
    • Drain the pool down a few inches but do NOT drain it completely. Ensure auto-fills are shut off.
  3. Turn Off Electricity: Shut off electricity to all pool motors, chemical feeders, and heaters at the breaker. Make sure sump pumps remain operational.
  4. Lock and Secure Lids: Ensure all pool equipment lids are locked and secured.
  5. Remove or Secure Deck Furniture: Remove or secure furniture, tables, umbrellas, and other deck items to minimize potential damage. Stack furniture near buildings, but away from windows, and turn tables over.
  6. Move Lightweight Items: Store lightweight items such as trash cans and cleaning equipment in bathrooms, guard rooms, or pump rooms. Do NOT throw furniture into the pool.
  7. Clean Deck Drains: Ensure all deck drains are clear and functioning properly.

Post-Storm Cleanup:

  1. Debris Removal: Start the process of debris removal. Depending on the volume of debris, the pool may need to be drained and cleaned with a light acid wash. Large debris like tree branches and sand might require professional assistance for removal.
  2. Equipment Check and Chemical Adjustments:
    • Check all pool equipment for damage. Clean and dry thoroughly before turning the power back on.
    • Turn on the autofill when debris is cleared.
    • Test water chemistry, shock the pool as necessary.
  3. Pump Systems: Start pump systems once heavy debris is cleared from pool. If pumps are non-operational, manually feed chemicals until the system is back online, reach out to your local pool maintenance company for assistance.
  4. Filter Cleaning: Clean filters more frequently until the pool is free of debris and water chemistry is balanced.

As your dedicated pool support staff we have prepared this Hurricane Preparedness Action Plan to keep you prepared to protect your swimming pool and deck areas before, during, and after a hurricane. Stay safe and protect your oasis, no matter the weather!